It’s all about the arch! Combining stabilizing arch and heel support, along with cushioning, PowerStep’s clinically effective design decreases foot pain and improves foot function.

Foot Petals

You should never have to sacrifice style for comfort. Foot Petals can make any shoes–no matter the style–your favorite ones. Whatever you wear, we ensure comfort and confidence. Shop online today.

Flat Socks

Sometimes the biggest difference is in what you can’t see. Flat Socks are perfect for anyone who wants to feel, not see their socks. Slide them in and go–in comfort and style.

Brace FX

No matter how young you are, our braces help relieve pain, boost performance, and speed recovery. Designed to stabilize joints and protect crucial muscles, Brace FX has what you need to keep moving.

Private Label Manufacturing & Custom Engineering

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