Foam Fabrication

Foundation Wellness’ long-standing expertise in manufacturing engineered foam products means you can rely on us to provide the molded foam products you require.

Our capabilities include molding and fabricating a wide variety of polyurethane foams, including:

  • Polyurethane foam, open and closed cell
  • High density, microcellular urethanes, 15-20 lb (including HyPUR-cel®, PORON® Technology, enlighten-U®)
  • EVA Foam
  • Low-density polyether/polyester foams
  • Reticulated foams
  • Sheet or roll foams
  • Slow recovery/memory foams
  • Urethane Elastomers

Our manufacturing capabilities combined with our access to a variety of foam materials gives us the ability to create custom foam fabrications to meet your needs. Our foam fabrication capabilities include the following:


Compression Molding

We have both hot and cold compression molding capabilities, these processes enable us to form sheet foams into three-dimensional, contoured shapes using heat and pressure.

Compression molding is utilized as a fabrication method when contoured shapes are needed. Our compression-molded foam capabilities are designed to mold both open and closed celled materials, allowing for a wide variety of part design and surface detail.

Multiple materials, along with fabrics and materials, can be combined with our moldable foams for a unique finished product appearance.


Molded Polyurethane Foam & Elastomers

Foundation Wellness has a range of reaction injection molding (RIM) capabilities including molded polyurethanes and injection urethane elastomers. We offer a variety of unique capabilities in combination with our molded polyurethane foam, including:

  • Molding with fabrics and films
  • Two and three-color foams
  • Combined elastomers into a molded foam product



Foundation Wellness is vertically integrated and has experience laminating fabrics and foams. Adhesive laminating is the combination of multiple materials such as foams, films, and fabrics with web adhesives or hot melt coating under heat and pressure.

We utilize a broad range of adhesive technologies to provide solutions for complex bonding applications. We have the ability to analyze and engineer the solution for your application utilizing the following capabilities:

  • Film & web adhesives
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives for peel and stick applications
  • Hot melt coating
  • Moisture Cure Urethane

Our technology includes:

      • Roller coating
      • Film lamination
      • PSA coating
      • Hot melt roller coating


We offer a wide array of cutting techniques and processes to make the product you require. Our facilities have extensive cutting capabilities including die cutting, high speed, digital/optically registered, flash (dieless knife), rotary, kiss cutting, and contour cutting/beveling.

  • enlighten-U® Microcellular Urethane is a registered trademark of Griswold, LLC.
  • HyPUR-cel® is a registered trademark of Rubberlite, Inc.
  • PORON® is a trademark of Rogers Corporation or its affiliate.