Insoles & Footcare

Foundation Wellness is the leading US manufacturer of after-market insoles, orthotics, and footcare products.

We have extensive knowledge in the footcare marketplace and can offer a wide variety of products and designs.

We manufacture for several private label brands and Powerstep®, the leading brand of orthotics prescribed by Podiatrists and medical professionals.

We specialize in a range of footcare products including:

  • Full and ¾ Insoles
    • PU, Gel, EVA, PORON® Technology, HyPUR-cel®. Materials such as foams and gels can be produced in a variety of combinations, durometers, and thicknesses to meet your product’s needs
  • Orthotics
    • Medical grade support inserts ergonomically designed to provide support and positioning.
  • Diabetic Insoles
    • Various sizes/widths, bi- and tri-laminate materials available
  • Footcare Components
    • Such as Metatarsal pads, ball of foot cushions, heel pads, heel liners, and many more. Materials include PORON® Technology, enlighten-U®, HyPUR-cel®, and Sponge Rubber.
  • Complimentary Products
    • Sleeves, socks, stretching devices, post-operative and protective footwear, foot and ankle splinting, and bracing.